Recombinant TIGIT Now Available!

New Ancell TIGIT-muIg binds to CD155 on U-937 cells and to recombinant CD155-muIg in EIA!


The TIGIT – CD155 regulatory pathway is emerging as an important element of immune function.  Studies using knockout mice demonstrate that this pathway is important in optimal NK effector cell function (activation and/or tolerance) (1) There is significant potential for the development of immunological drugs that could blockade this pathway, restoring anti-cancer immune response (2).

1) Contribution of inhibitory receptor TIGIT to NK cell education.”He Y, Tian Z, et al. (2017) J Autoimmun 81: 1-12.  PMID:28438433

2) “TIGIT and CD96: new checkpoint receptor targets for cancer immunotherapy.” Dougall WC,  Anderson AC, et al. (2017) Immunol Rev 276(1): 112-120. PMID:28258695


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