An important anti Cancer mechanism of CD279(PD-1) blockade elucidated

PD-1 Blockade Promotes Epitope Spreading in Anti-cnacer CD8+ T cell Reponses by Preventing Fratricidal Death of Subdominant Clones To Relieve Immunodomination”  Arash Memarnejadian, S M Mansour Haeryfar, et al. (Nov 2017) J Immunol 199(9): 3348-59.  PMID: 28939757


Often over time, an anti-Cancer immune response narrows into a few dominant (high affinity) CD8+ T cell clones.  This Canadian Research group showed that blockading CD279 (PD-1) restored function of a wider array of sub dominant (lower affinity) anti-Cancer CD8+ T cell clones in a mouse in vivo model.


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