Citrullinated Protein and RA

A link found between autoimmune antibody specificity to Citrullinated Protein and development of Rheumatoid Arthritis. “Production of Autoantibodies against Citrullinated Antigens/Peptides by Human B Cells”  Maria F. Bellatin, Peter Stastny, et al. (2012) J Immunol 188(7): 3542-3550 Ancell has a large selection of Biotinylated anti-human monoclonal antibodies which would be useful for sorting and/or identifying …

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Leptin affects Treg populations in SLE

Levels of the proinflammatory leptin correlated inversely with expansion of CD25+CD4+Foxp3+ T regulatory cells in a Systemic Lupus Erythematosus mouse model (NZB/W).  This could lead to a leptin-based immunotherapy.”Cutting Edge: Fasting Induced Hypoleptinemia Expands Functional Regulatory T cells in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus”Yaoyang Liu, Yiyun Yu, Antonio La Cava, (2012) J Immunol 188: 2070-2073.  Relevant Ancell …

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Killer Islet Cells!

Transplanted islet cells were biochemically modified to protect their own long term engraftment in a mouse pancreas.  These cells have the super-ability to cause apoptosis to occur in the infiltrating pathogenic T cells.  This is a novel approach to diabetes treatment!  ”Pancreatic Islets Engineered with SA-FasL Protein Establish Robust Localized Tolerance by Inducing Regulatory T …

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Travel Awards for GLIIFCA 2011

Ancell and Heliocyte are proud to sponsor travel and poster award stipends for Great Lakes International Imaging and Flow Cytometry Association 2011 conference in Oconomowoc, WI!

CD30 and CD134 receptors are necessary for CD4 dependent autoimmune tissue damage

Abrogation of CD30 and OX40 signals prevents autoimmune disease in FoxP3-deficient mice.  Gaspal F.M., P.J.L Lane, et al. (2011) JEM 208(8): 1579-1584.   Ancell Products anti-human CD30 antibody products anti-human CD134(OX40) antibody products anti-human CD252(OX40L) antibody products Recombinant human CD134(OX40) Recombinant human CD252(OX40L)

Ancell announces partnership with HelioCyte!

Ancell announces partnership with HelioCyte to provide cutting edge Flow Cytometry products! Watch for new products designed to simplify and improve your Flow research! Twitter account:  Heliocyte