CD275-muIg Purified (Preservative-free)

The inducible costimulator CD278 (ICOS,  T cell activation molecule H4) is similar to human CD28 (24% homology), and plays an analogous role in the T cell activation process, each secondary signal resulting in a discrete cytokine secretion profile displayed by the activated T cell.1 Both processes are effectively down regulated by CD152 (CTLA-4) engagement.2 Human CD275(ICOSL, GL50, B7RP-1, B7-H2) is a member of the B7 family sharing ~20% homology with CD80 (B7-1) and CD86 (B7-2), and has been shown to be the ligand for CD278(ICOS).3 It has recently been shown that at least two RNA splice variants exist for this molecule in mouse and human, possibly serving to regulate this costimulatory process. 4

Molecular Structure:  A soluble dimeric fusion protein consisting of a portion of the extracellular domain of  human CD275 (GL50, ICOSL, B7-H2, B7RP-1) (213aa): dtqekevramvgsdvelscacpegsrfdlndvyvywqtsesktvvtyhipqnsslenvdsryrnralmspagmlrgdfslrlfnvtpqdeqkfhclvlsqslgfqevlsvevtlhvaanfsvpvvsaphspsqdeltftctsingyprpnvywinktdnslldqalqndtvflnmrglydvvsvlriartpsvnigccienvllqqnltvgsq with linking amino acids: gt

fused to murine IgG2a Fc (232 aa):  eprgptikpcppckcpapnllggpsvfifppkikdvlmislspivtcvvvdvseddpdvqiswfvnnvevhtaqtqthredynstlrvvsalpiqhqdwmsgkefkckvnnkdlpapiertiskpkgsvrapqvyvlpppeeemtkkqvtltcmvtdfmpediyvewtnngktelnykntepvldsdgsyfmysklrvekknwvernsyscsvvheglhnhhttksfsrtpgk

predicted nonglycosylated monomeric molecular weight:  50.4 kd.

Transfectant Cell Line:  CHO

Functional Application:   CD275-muIg binds with high affinity to cell surface CD278 (ICOS) expressed on CD8 positive human T cells.  It’s binding is blocked by pre incubation with recombinant 278-muIg ( 517-020)


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