CD24-muIg Purified (Preservative-free)

Molecular Structure: A soluble molecule consisting of the extracellular (33aa) domain of human CD24 fused to the murine IgG2a Fc (233 aa), with a predicted non glycosylated monomeric weight of 30.1 kd.

Residual signal peptide: (6aa) (1)kpqape

Mature CD24(EC) (33 aa): setttgtssnssqstsnsglapnptnattkaag

Murine IgG2a hinge +Fc (233aa):eprgptikpcppckcpapnllggpsvfifppkikdvlmislspivtcvvvdvseddpdvqiswfvnnvevhtaqtqthredynstlrvvsalpiqhqdwmsgkefkckvnnkdlpapiertiskpkgsvrapqvyvlpppeeemtkkqvtltcmvtdfmpediyvewtnngktelnykntepvldsdgsyfmysklrvekknwvernsyscsvvheglhnhhttksfsrtpgk

Transfectant Cell Line: HEK

INFORMATION:. Human CD24 is a glycosyl phosphatidyl inositol (GPI) anchored surface protein found on B cells during multiple stages of development from precursor to the onset of plasma cell differentiation. Recombinant CD24-muIg is dimeric. Due to varied glycosylation, it runs at ~70 to 90kD in native SDS-PAGE and ~31 to 45 kD under reducing conditions.  Recombinant human CD24-muIg blocks binding of recombinant Siglec10 to human Raji cells in FACS.

References: C.S. Abramson, et al, (1981) J Immunol 126: 83-88. H. Mehmet, et al, (1990) Clin Exp Immunol 81: 489-495. Leukocyte Typing IV (W. Knapp, et al, eds.) Oxford University Press, Oxford, (1989) p. 82-84. Leukocyte Typing V (S.F. Schlossman, et al, eds.) Oxford University Press, Oxford, (1995) p. 539-543.

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