CD47-SIRPalpha Blockade enhances Neutrophil Trogocytosis of tumor

Neutrophils enact lysis of antibody opsonized target tumor cells by utilizing the CD11b – CD18 interaction to form a cytotoxic synapse which leads to trogocytosis.  This process can be effectively blocked by blockade with either anti-CD11b or anti-CD18 mAbs, but is enhanced when SIRPa – CD47 blockade is employed.

“Neutrophils Kill Antibody Opsonized Cancer Cells by Trogocytosis”  Hanke L Matulung, Timo K van den Berg, et al. (June 2018)  Cell Reports 23(13): 3946-59. PMID: 29949776


Relevant Ancell Products

Blocking anti-human CD18 mAb

Blocking anti-human CD11b mAb

anti-human CD47 mAb

anti-CD16(FcgRIII) Fab monomer

anti-CD32(FcgRII) Fab monomer

anti-CD64(FcgRI) Fab monomer

Control MOPC31C Fab monomer