Ancell anti-CD64(FcRI) F(ab’)2 used to block Phagocytosis of opsonized platelets

This study looked at the effect of glycosylation of anti-platelet antibody on ability of Macrophage mediated phagocytotic clearance in transfusion patients. F(ab’)2 of anti-CD64 mAb was used as a phagocytosis blocking control in vitro.

“Phagocytosis of platelets opsonized with differently glycosylated anti-HLA hIgG1 by monocyte-derived macrophages“ Thijs L, Gesture Vidarsson, et al. Platelets  (2022)  PMID: 36185007

Ancell anti-human Fc Receptor Antibodies, Fab, F(ab’)2, conjugates

anti-CD16 (FcgRIII)

anti-CD32 (FcgRII)

anti-CD64 (FcgRI)