Ancell anti-CD11b and CD18 mAbs used to block Trogocytotic killing

Ancell mAbs were used by this Cal State Research group to block trogocytic killing of Triconomas Vaginelas parasite by human PLB-95 Neutrophil-Like-cells in vitro. Blocking CD11c and CD18 receptors on NLC with antibodies resulted in significant reduction of killing, implicting CR3 mediated complement fixation as the primary mechanism.
“Complement receptor 3 is required for maximum in vitro trogocytic killing of the parasite Trichomonas vaginalis by human neutrophil-like cells” Emma N. Trujillo, Frances Mercer et al. (19 February 2024) Parasite Immunology 46(2): e13025 PMID: 38372623

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